GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Manchester – Installations & Repairs

We want to offer our customers the most reliable, up to date roofing solutions available, and our revolutionary, state-of-the-art GRP fibreglass roofs in Manchester are a popular choice.

Our roofing specialists will talk you through your options to find a solution which meets all your needs.

High Quality GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Manchester

GRP stands for ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’, and this waterproof roofing has a number of applications, frequently chosen for flat roofs. GRP Roofing in Manchester consists of a layer of fibreglass resin matting and top layer coating, to form a strong, lightweight laminate which is ideal for use on roofs. Thanks to its seamless fabrication and fully bonded structure, it’s one of the strongest types of flat roofing available, meaning there are no gaps for water or moisture to find their way into.

Many types of flat roof also double up as balconies, decking or external areas which will experience footfall, and fibreglass roofing can be used in these cases. This is a testament to the strength, durability and quality of the system, and while it’s often a more premium roofing solution, it’s also longer lasting.

When you talk to our team about the right solution for you, they’ll take into account what the roof will be used for, tailoring services to your exact requirements.



Benefits of GRP Fibreglass Roofs

Whether installing new roofing or looking for a quality roof replacement, there are multiple benefits provided by GRP roofing in Manchester.

Durable, weather resistant & watertight
No joints or seams for a smooth finish
Versatility – suitable for a number of different roof types
Flexibility to match any roof shape
No rips, rot, moss growth or moisture penetration
Higher strengths for balconies and underfoot areas
Low maintenance requirements
Choice of aesthetics to create bespoke looks


Our Fibreglass Roofing Service

Unfortunately, if flat roofing isn’t installed properly, it can lead to problems such as leaks and water ingress, as well as issues resulting from poor quality materials. Our GRP fibreglass roofs in Manchester are professionally installed by our expert team who use high performing materials which don’t rip, crack or cause leaks.

As specialists in flat roofing, we have access to the highest rated GRP fibreglass system produced from suppliers well-known and trusted in the industry. We have years of experience offering flat roofing solutions for garages, extensions, porches, balconies and commercial roofs.

Our GRP fibreglass roofers provide the following service:

GRP fibreglass roofing solutions for domestic & commercial roofs
Highly skilled roofing installations & repairs
We use fast & efficient methods to limit disruptions
Easy & safe installation (no heat required)
Minimum 10 year guarantee on all parts & 20+ year manufacturer’s guarantee





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